What defines Berwick Partners

What defines Berwick Partners
Published: 20 February 2018

My interest in recruitment and executive search began during my study psychology. I knew already at a young age that people would have to be front and center in my future employment. Nothing is, in my opinion, as interesting as the behaviour of people. What drives them? What keeps them busy? What are the thoughts behind certain decisions and what determines the behaviour they will eventually exhibit in different situations? 

These elements are, besides important core ones like the right translation of experience, skills and competences, essential in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, many recruiters stay with these core elements and mainly focus on a candidate’s past, without attention for potential. Because of this, many recruiters pass on the essence of our profession. Namely, the right translation of corporate strategy and culture to people and teams. Besides testing academic knowledge, a clear analysis should be carried out with regards to personality and overall ‘fit’. 

Recruitment and selection is, in my view, about the most basic form of understanding human behaviour and relations. Good recruiters understand roles. Great recruiters understand people; in the recruitment process clear conceptual models should be utilised to differentiate top talent, together with a clear methodology and a structured process to get to great results. 


Why Berwick Partners

Berwick Partners started in the Netherlands January 1 2018. It is a recruitment and selection firm specialising in senior management positions and part of the renowned international executive search firm Odgers Berndtson. There are two reasons why Odgers Berndtson introduced the Berwick Partners label in the Netherlands. On one hand Odgers Berndtson had to, until recently, disappoint loyal clients when they received the request to do roles under c-level. On the other hand, we received quite a number of signals these last few years, from our contacts, that many agencies that deal on the same senior management level as Berwick Partners show a disappointing level with regards to general quality and service. It happens regularly that, even on a senior management level, recruiters send out a number of CV’s to the client and let them figure out everything for themselves. 

With the arrival of Berwick Partners, we are even better capable of servicing our clients on many different levels and in many areas, in the most optimal way possible. In that sense this also fits in our common ambition te become a ‘fully fledged leadership advisory firm’. 


Method Berwick Partners

Our method revolves around advising clients and candidates in the most optimal way possible and adding value on many different levels. First we will, together with the client, clearly define when a candidate is successful in his/her role. The strategy of the organisation, and its translation to the position(s) that needs fulfilling, will form the basis of the profile. 

Besides that we give a lot of attention to a candidate’s potential. We do not just focus on a candidate’s achievements in his/her earlier career, but on the ability of a candidate to develop oneself, specifically pertaining to leadership. 

During our work we are in constant contact with our client. We keep in touch with eachother through formal weekly reporting and ad hoc communication, if problems arise. Our allocation process is as follows: 

Project initiation
• Agreeing with the client what market segments we will map and start-up of proactive research, sourcing etc;
• Composing of a detailed candidate briefing document with background information, specifications for the requested profile;
• Composing of longlist and submitting to client. 

Candidate generation
• Active headhunting; a discrete approach of pre-qualified candidates, to gauge interest for the role and enable potential candidates to further explore the vacant position; 
• Initial grading of candidates through a telephone assessment by one of our research consultants. Subsequently appropriate candidates are planned in for an interview at the Berwick Partners office to further analyse the fit for the role. 

Defining the shortlist
• On the basis of the telephone assessment and interview by a Berwick Partners consultant a shortlist is presented;
• For every shortlist candidate the client receives an assessment report wherein further is addressed, among others, the course of the career, motivations, skills and competences, cultural fit with the organisation, but also what key points of attention are, to enable the candidate to become as successful as possible in the new role.

Support during the interview process
• We coordinate all interviews and preparatory briefings and give feedback to all parties during the whole process;
• If a preferred candidate comes forth, we mediate, if the client requires, in the taking on process and final terms of employment and additional salary package;
• We will verify the qualifications of candidates through at least two references. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Berwick Partners, contact us at info@berwickpartners.nl, or call us at +31207130674

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